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[fw1-gurus] How to disable the imply rules for RDP on IP60

Hi all,

The network environment is as below,
SmartCenter with SmartLSM manages IP560 and IP60, IP60 establish site-to-site VPN with the central gateway --- IP560, which is behind a Linkproof, Linkproof connects to two ISPs (ISP-1 and ISP-2), and does the NAT for IP560, translate the external IP of IP560 into two public IP, each is from one ISP. we configure the VPN 'Link selection' of IP560 with the two public IP, no 'primary interface' configured.

The problem is,
IP60 connects to the two public IP of IP560 randomly, we hope we can assign a public IP for IP60 to connect to,
or, block the RDP to one public IP before establish VPN tunnel.
Now, we tried modify the files in "Program files\CheckPoint\EDGECMP\R65\libsw" to disable the imply rules for RDP on IP60, but failed, does anyone know how to disable the imply rules for RDP on IP60? thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
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