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Re: [fw1-gurus] Somebody knows if SPLAT NGX R65 will run on an HP ProLiant DL385 G5p ?

Hi ,

I am not sure about the hardware details, but i have another doubt , I also will be doing an upgrade from r55 to NGX R65. The box running now is alteon, now I am going to replace it with checkpoint utm appliance.

Can I directly upgrade from R55 to NGX R65 ,or restore the R55 backup?

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On Wed, 11 Feb 2009 23:05:12 +0530 wrote
>We are planning to upgrade our current Checkpoint deployment from R55 NG
>with AI to NGX R65. My question is hardware related.
>We would like to buy two HP ProLiant DL 385p but in the Checkpoint
>hardware compatibility list at
>http://www.checkpoint.com/services/techsupport/hcl/vpn1.html lists only
>the HP ProLiant DL 385 G5.  Somebody has used SecurePlatform NGX R65 on
>this hardware ?
>The reason to use this HP model is that it seems that the 385 G5 does
>not support the last AMD Opteron Processor 2384 but we would like to
>have the higher performance from the 2384.
>Comparison between AMD Opteron 2356 and 2384:
>Thanks in advance for any advice,
>Best Regards
>Eric Janz
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Mithun Benoy
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