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Re: [fw1-gurus] slightly off topic

On Mar 10, 2009, at 5:37 PM, Steve Moran wrote:

Does anyone know if organizations such as ripe or lacnic divide up IP blocks by country?  For example, we don’t do business with the vast majority of the ranges supported by lacnic, however, we do business with panama, so I want to know what IP blocks are allocated to panama, so I could allow them, but block the rest. 
I found this list from IANA, but its limited to just the governing body, not down to the country.
It is a quite complicated process to do, you are best to use a service that provides a coded feed, but if you look you can trace each allocation.

The delegation goes from IAN, to the RIRs (Regional Internet Registry)
Each RIR delegates to one or more NIRs (National Internet Registry)
Each NIN delegates to one or more LILs (Local Internet Registry)
Each LIL then delegates out to the local ISPs.

You should be able to find a Country coded address list from each RIR and NIR, they are required to make this data available.

For instance here is one of the latest APNIC lists:

This does not guarantee that that address is actually used in the country assigned, many companies will aquire address space and use it on remote offices, for instance several US companies have their parent company in the EU and use address pace allocated to within the EU by RIPE.

Good luck,

Michael Hamelin

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